Memoria colectiva
(Collective Memory)

Memoria Colectiva is a project that was born with the idea of  promoting the act of writing in the back of the pictures, An action as a symbol of old habits we should bring back.
The piece is composed of a certain amount (varies depending on the growth of the collection) of pictures from my past, over which there is copies turned aroun and written by anonymous people expresing their own memories inspired by the original picture, this way the specific picture of a single person becomes part of the collective memory.
It´s a work in process because postcards and copies are being added constantly, written by friends and relations that want to collaborate. Other way are the little performances organized in shows where visitors can find the collection of postcards ready to be written in situ and even added to the piece.


As a consequence of this piece I started to collect pictures from people`s past making an archive of 500 pictures in 3 years. This archive is going to be organized and clasified in a blog with the intention of composing an “online collective memory”, and to gather more images which are used as  reference in the rest of my artworks.

Please colaborate with this project sending your old images to:
Por favor colabora con este proyecto enviando tus fotos antiguas a: